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Hot Rockin' Luv
(freedom version) by Dave Smith

You thought it was over
but Hot Rockin' Luv never dies
It just goes on and on and on
all night long


Do it!

I was drivin in my car
Wanted to go real far
From this evil Communistic Hell

When I saw a sexy girl
Thought I'd take her for a whirl
And then the Berlin Wall fell

She wore a sexy fur coat
She said she wanted to vote
Could I help her find a candidate?

So I took her by the hand
And I told her I'm her man
Said she could feel my Watergate

You want hot luvin
We all have to be free
You want hot luvin
Better do it with me

Hot Rockin Luv
Baby baby baby
Do it right!
Hot Rockin Luv
Democratic Rockin
All through the night


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