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Ear Drenching Lyrics

By the Hard Rockin' Genius' of...  Hard Rockin' Stuff!!!


1. Demon Drool Spit Vomit
2. That's Not How you Make it if  You Want to Make it Big
3. Hot Rockin' Luv
4. Thinkin' O' You
5. I (expletive) You
6. Mousse in my Hair (Love On My Mind)
7. Crushed Bones
8. Love Monkey
9. Gotta Hold on to Steve
10.  Hot Rockin' Luv...II


1. That's How You Make It If you Wanna Make It Big
2. My Crotch
3. Can't Hold It Any More (A Ballad)
4. Luv Gong
5. Rockin' Wit Steve
6. Spineless Bitch
7. Love DoIt
8. She Must Be Some Kinda Ho
9. Black Coat
10.  Tonight's The Night
11.  Get It On
12.  Anaconda Man
13.  Luv Picasso
14.  Livin' In The Jungle
15.  Do You Wanna Rock? (Badness!)

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