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In the beginning...

A History of the Hot Rockinest Band on Earth... as told by Vlad

1998. That was the year that Rock and Roll was changed forever. That's the year Badness appeared on the scene. It all came together when Vlad, Dave, and a third party I won't name here, started talking about putting a band together. Vlad and Dave knew each other way back from high school a few years earlier and they had always wanted to be in a band. Vlad, especially used to dream about it night after night after school, instead of doing his homework. That's probably why it took him eight years to graduate. Anyway, they were all sitting around. The third member I won't name here had just started taking guitar lessons and was eager to write his own music. Dave had just come off of a failed tour of America with his dance troupe, Dave and Wuzzy,  an experimental dance troupe of two people (Dave and Wuzzy) who danced on street corners and in clubs and at weddings and Bar Mitz Vahs for money, sometimes without any music. It was a bold experiment, but it failed. I told him it would fail. He wouldn't listen to me. He asked me to go, but there was no way I was gonna shake my butt on a street corner for money.

Anyway, they were sitting around, talking about the different types of music they liked when they realized they didn't like different types of music. They liked hard rockin' music!!! They all figure since they all had pretty much the same tastes and an interest in music they would start a band. This band, they decided, would be the loudest, rockinest, baddest band of all. Well, let me tell you, it didn't take long to come up with a name for ourselves. Really, there was no choice. BADNESS said it all.

So, Dave bought a guitar, and I had had one for years that I never learned how to play, and of course the third party I won't name here had a guitar. We really needed a drummer, so Dave asked his friend Wuzzy to help us out, which was fine at the time. Of, course we didn't have drums, and we couldn't afford them, so we go some big boxes for  Wuzzy to pound on. We really just needed someone to keep a beat, it didn't have to sound like Peter Criss or nothin'. So we would get together ever other weekend or so, and rock and roll in Dave's basement and we sounded good. We never really wrote any songs or nothin', just jammed.

So about two years later, in May of 1996, old Mr. High and Mighty Third Party That I Won't Name Here with the Fancy Shmancy Guitar  Lessons decides he's too good for us. He thinks he sounds good and the rest of us sound lousy, and he tells us this to our faces. He's like "You guys haven't improved," and "You still sound like crap," and he says he wants to be a part of a band that is gonna go somewhere. He just grew a big ego. That happens sometimes in the rock and roll biz'. So he left. I was gonna beat the snot out of him, but Dave said to just let him go. And Dave was right. If he chooses to leave behind BADNESS, he's choosing to leave behind a good future in music. BADNESS is really cool stuff. A lot of people would die to be in this band. He was one of the lucky ones. He had a once in a lifetime shot and he blew it. I guess if he wants to turn his back on the fans and lose out on the greatest thing that ever happened to him, it's his choice. We shouldn't beat him up for that.

Someday, though he'll be sorry. Sure, his band is doing quite well, and they have CD's and Music Video's and everybody in his band  knows how to play their instruments and read music and all that stuff, but all of that is superficial. They're missing what really counts-- BADNESS. Our band has a chemistry and a coolness about it that you  can't learn with guitar lessons. We can climb to the top of the music business with or without music, cause we're the BEST. I hope that someday the third party that I won't name here understands that. We really miss him.

Anyway, we moved on. We wrote some songs, got hooked up with a good manager, Srgt. Bob, and actually played a small concert at  Dave's Rock Hard Studios (a massive fully operational music and video studio complex which he built in his basement where we used to jam. There's pictures of the concert in the picture gallery). The concert went  great. The fans loved us. We got a great web page. And we're rockin' into the future full speed ahead!!!


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