Let Vlad show you how it's done!!!!

A Special Treat for all you Valentines out there...

BADNESS covers a classic Valentine's Day favorite as only BADNESS can!!!  Dave Smith style!!! And more hard rockin' than it was made to handle!!!

Click the link below to download the song in a new high-tech format that Vlad recently discovered: MP3!!! Hear BADNESS like never before, in CD quality sound!!!   Also, view the lyrics and the exclusive press release!

BADNESS - Oops! I did it again...

(Oops.MP3 3.3 Mb)

Press Release

Badness Returns to Hard Rock

After four years of silence, BADNESS is back on the rock scene with a new
single, "Oops! I Did It Again," destined to become a smash hit.  It is the
long awaited return to the style of music that the band is known for.  "Hard
rockin' music," says Vlad, the Rockin' Impaler from Hell, lead guitarist and
vocalist, "It's very much in the style of our first Album 'Hot Luvin.' It
has the same raw energy."

You may remember that "Oops!" was originally recorded a few years ago by pop
diva Brittany Spears.  But this isn't your father's "Oops! I Did It Again."
"We basically took this candy ass song and did it our way," says the Rockin'
Impaler from Hell. "Kind of like when Limp Bizkit did 'Faith' by George
Michael. We pumped it up with heavy grooves and hard BADNESS style."

Dave Smith, lead guitarist and vocalist, agrees. He says he saw enormous
potential in the song as a hard rock hit when he first heard it. "I knew
right away that if played correctly, this song could be a solid classic rock
song up there with anything that Zepplin ever did. And I like the way
Brittany dresses."

Released just in time for Valentine's Day, the song is also represents
another milestone in BADNESS history.  "It's the sexiest damn song I've ever
heard in my life!" exclaims Mr. Smith as he performs some type of strange
oral gesture on a Coke bottle. "Yayah!"

Wuzzy, lead guitarist and vocalist, agrees, "Yeah, man, is like yeah." But
he also conveys a sense of concern about the whole thing.  "Is like Willie
Nelson's in the TV.  He's like get some pizza. Is like get out of the TV!"

At this point Vlad buries his head in his hands. He looks tired.  Obviously,
he is anxious about how the record will be received by the fans. Don't
worry, Rockin' Impaler, you've done good.  You've done good.

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