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The Rockin' Impaler From Hell

Birthday: 6/6/6 was the date he rose from the ashes of hell to reak Havoc upon the living!!! For two-thousand years he has walked among the living tormented in his damnation and haunted by the desire to play hard rockin' music!!!
Musical Influences: Gene Simmons and Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath
Day Job: Stocking Technician for a drug store
Personal Info: One of the four founding members of the band, Vlad is and has been the major driving force behind BADNESS. He is the most inventive in the group, approaching the band's music from not just a  musical standpoint, but from a artistic one as well. A pioneer in the New Audio Revolution, Vlad is constantly creating new, awesome sounds and ways to play music that no one else has ever heard or even  dared to dream of before. And he scares small children.


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